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Tangier - Morocco
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The Notable landmarks

The old town is still surrounded by the remains of what was once more than 1,829 metres (6,000 ft) of stone rampart. Most of it dates to the town's Portuguese occupation, with restoration work later undertaken at different times. Three major bastions were the Irish Tower (Bordj al-Naʿam), York Castle (Bordj dar al-Barud), and the Bordj al-Salam.

- Dar el Makhzen (Sultan's palace), built on the site of the former English Upper Castle
- Ancien Palais du Mendoub
- Perdicaris Parc, for Jon Perdicaris
- Sidi Bou Abid Mosque
- Tangier Grand Mosque
- Church of the Immaculate Conception
- Anglican Church of St. Andrew
- Plaza de Toros (bullring arena) on Rue de Tetouan
- Gran Teatro Cervantes
- Tangier American Legation Museum
- Museum of Moroccan Arts and Antiquities
- Museum of Contemporary Art
- Fondation Lorin
- Musée de Carmen-Macein
- Grand Socco, the grand souk and square
- Petit Socco, the little souk
- Casabarata Souk, a giant flea market
- Hotel Continental
- Rue Es-Siaghine
- Rue de la Liberté
- Avenue Pasteur
- Avenue Mohammed VI beach
- Parc de la Mendoubia
- Marshan Quarter (Quartier du Marshan)
- Charf Hill (Colline du Charf)
- Café Hafa